The idea of hosting EJC in the Azores is a long-time desire from the pioneer Circus Arts Association 9’Circos: the first of it’s kind ever in the Archipelago. It’s vice-president, Frederico Melo, was elected Portugal’s representative in EJA and since then has been gathering support and making efforts to bring the Convention to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean: a dream come true in 2018, the 41st Edition of the European Juggling Convention.

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Famous for its geographical position, people, food and culture, the Azores peacefully breathe nature throughout it’s 9 islands: Ribeira Grande, host city of EJC 2018, in São Miguel Island, is no exception.

The logo was projected to live up to those characteristics in 3 different angles:

The sea: nicknamed “North Coast” by the locals, Ribeira Grande has a long extension of coastline with some of the biggest beaches and breath-taking views on the island of São Miguel.

The whale fluke: Azores’ location made whale hunting a great economy in former centuries but fortunately nowadays we just admire these beautiful species through whale watching.

The juggling props: The diversity of areas within juggling are above the natural elements as a way to symbolically state these performative arts’ nature-defying DNA.


Below you can find a map of the Convention Site.

EJC 2018 will take place in Ribeira Grande city: a strategic location that allows the entire convention – including camping, cooking, eating, showering and all juggling areas – to stay within a close range of all the participants or just across the street. Here you can get info about the site and surroundings as well as some directions to useful places such as supermarket, heath center or tourism office.

São Miguel island is the biggest within the Azores and with Santa Maria island, located 81Km away, they are what is called the Eastern Group of the Archipelago. With a total of 137.857 inhabitants (PORDATA, 2011) it measures 62.1 km in length by 15.8 km in width (maximum) occupies a total area of about 745 sq.Km and accommodates more than half of the total of 246.772 (PORDATA, 2011) people that compose Azorean population.

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Nicknamed “Green Island”, São Miguel has its highest point at 1.105m (Pico da Vara) and besides its extensive different-toned green fields and volcanic cones, it’s proudly the home of 1 of the 7 natural wonders of Portugal: Sete Cidades Lake. The place to go for adventurers, the island can offer you:  trails,  whale watching, diving, canyoning, paragliding, surfing, mountain biking or golfing.

Complete information about the island here.

Ribeira Grande city, headquarters of a municipality with the same name, celebrated in 2017 its 36th birthday of elevation to city. It is the second biggest city of the island as well as the 3rd most populated municipality of Azores with a total of 32.112 inhabitants (PORDATA, 2011).

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Recognized by its extensive coastline, it’s not surprising Ribeira Grande is home of some of the best views in the island. With a very diverse natural and cultural itinerary, it’s where food is cooked in ground holes with volcanic heat, it’s where the stage for the biggest music festival of the Archipelago is, it’s where international competitions such as the World Surfing League occurr and now it’s where the doors open to host the 41st edition of the European Juggling Convention.

Complete information about the city here.

As you might have already guessed the island, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is only reachable by plane. Currently, 9 companies have more than 20 direct routes to the island from over 15 cities through 9 European Countries, USA and Canada.
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Check direct flights from your country here. If there aren’t any, we advise you to head to Lisbon/Porto by car/bus/train/plane and from there by low-cost flight to Ponta Delgada. Booking flights in advance and through a price comparison tool is a must-do to find the best deals available!
Once arrived at the island, EJC site & city are located about 25Km away from the airport. Shuttle buses will be available on 26, 27 and 28 of July and with limited availability: they will be available from 10am until the last flight and will departure whenever there is 50% occupancy. Otherwise, and if you’re not planning on renting a car (avg. 35euros/day from the 2nd day) or paying a taxi (avg. 30 euros) you should check here CRP – Caetano Raposo e Pereiras company route that stops at Quinta de Santana: just across the street from the convention.


EJC is commonly labelled as “from jugglers to jugglers”.
In our modest opinion that’s only a half-truth…
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It’s a Convention open for juggling curious & aficionados and, for all that matters, whomever wants to join! You’ll have 8 days filled with tons of workshops from basic to advanced levels including master-classes and on-going shows. Don’t be shy,if you’re not a juggler you might become one surrounded by some of the best jugglers in the world.

The 41st edition of European Juggling Convention is organized by the first ever Circus Arts Association ever within the Archipelago of the Azores: 9’Circos.

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This non-profit NGO has already performed in 8 out of 9 islands of the Archipelago and has been developing several programs – some of which with recorded proven success – with support of the Regional Government and Ribeira Grande’s City Hall promoting social inclusion and educating troubled youth. Association 9’circos has already reached more than 250 children and teenagers through circus arts and is preparing to aim higher.

Within the Convention area you may find a wide range of locations of interest such as bakery, mini-market, bars, restaurants, beaches and even a tourism office. All within walking distance or under 8Km away!!


Select a category from below to get details.

Health & Safety
Food & Supplies
Transport & Other utility services
Leisure & Interest Points

Health & Safety

Closest pharmacy – 2Km, Farmácia Borges da Ponte

Closest health center – 2Km, Posto de Saúde de Rabo de Peixe

Closest fire department – 4Km, Bombeiros Voluntários da Ribeira Grande

Closest police station – 4Km, Polícia de Segurança Pública da Ribeira Grande

Food & Supplies

Closest restaurant – On site, Restaurante da Associação Agrícola

Closest bakery – 1Km, Padaria Familiar

Closest bar – 2Km, Santa Bárbara Eco-Beach Resort

Closest minimarket – 2Km, Meu Super Rabo de Peixe

Closest supermarket – 4Km, Continente Ribeira Grande

Transport & Other utility services

Closest ATM – On site, Registration Desk

Closest bus station – 1 Km, Quinta de Sant’Ana, Caetano Raposo e Pereiras

Closest post office – 2Km, Posto de Correios de Rabo de Peixe

Closest harbor – 2Km, Porto de Rabo de Peixe

Closest camping park – 4Km, Parque de Campismo Rural Quinta das Laranjeiras

Closest taxi – 4Km, (+351) 296 30 2530

Closest tourism office – 5Km, Posto de Turismo da Ribeira Grande

Closest airport – 20Km, Aeroporto João Paulo II

Leisure & Interest Points

Closest sea view – 1Km

Closest Observatorium – 1Km, Observatório Astronómico de Santana

Closest beach – 2Km, Praia de Santa Bárbara

Closest chocolate factory – 3Km, O Chocolatinho

Closest theater – 5Km, Teatro Ribeiragrandense

Closest museum – 5Km, Museu da Emigração Açoriana

Closest liqueur factory – 6Km, Mulher de Capote

Closest thermal bath – 10Km, Termas das Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande


9m first height

11,5m second height


Registration Desk

Organization HQ

Meeting room


Disabled Bathroom


332 seats

7m*7m stage

Fire & Unicycle Area


400 seats




Caravan/Camper-Van area

Families only area

24 Hot water showers

30 Cold water showers

30 Toilets












20 Men

23 Urinals

20 Women

2 Disabled

Total implementation area: 85.600m2

Tickets are valid for full-event (28th July – 5th August) and include access to all EJC areas and events. For children under 16 special conditions apply.
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Online tickets’ and merchandising sales already ended.
If you want to join +1300 jugglers at EJC 2018 you can only buy your ticket at the door and merchandise on-site!

16+ 9-16 <9
180 euros 95 euros Free

Daily tickets are also available: they are valid for a maximum of 24hours up to the opening of info-point the next day – regardless of the time they were bought. Daily Tickets on Gala Show days have access to this venue included but are priced differently.

16+ 9-16 <9
28, 29, 30, 31 July and 1 August 25 euros 15 euros Free
2, 3 and 4 August 35 euros 25 euros Free

Daily tickets are only available for purchase on site.








AREA (m2)


As you might know, the European Juggling Convention is mainly composed of spontaneous and voluntary workshops, shows and performances; plan a fire show 2 months in advance and maybe it’s raining on the day or you’re just too tired to move, so it has to be cancelled.

Even so, there are predictable events that you can check here.

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The set-up is not yet complete but you can count with:

Openning show

Open stages

Portuguese gala

Gala show

Special show


 Stay tuned to our facebook page!

2:20 PM
Event registration & Breakfast
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Getting to know the tech
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We will announce international an Portuguese artists befores convention dates and throughout time. Stay tuned if you’re curious about EJC 2018´s highlights!

Above you can check the workshops calendar and for full info, our Workshops album. Keep in mind that there will also be voluntary and spontaneous workshops, scheduled on-site.

Disclaimer: Program subject to changes without previous notice.

Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Marcus Furtner
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Free Aerial Training
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Julia Stangl, Andreas Nitsche & Juliane de Vries
Igor Polivoda
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Jay Gilligan & Eric Longequel
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Free Aerial Training
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Lukas Brandl
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Free Aerial Training
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Vertigo Danza Aerea
Blue Hanley


This section is 99,631% probable of having an answer for your doubt. If it belongs to the other 0,369%, head out to our contacts section. Keep in mind things might change throughout time so make sure you check this section every now and then.

| General Info
| Tickets
| Food, Accommodation & Transport
| Galas, Shows & Volunteering
| General Terms & Conditions

When is the Convention?

From 28th of July to 5th of August.

Where is the Convention?

It’s in Ribeira Grande City, São Miguel island, Azores, Portugal. Check Directions.

How to get there?

By plane to the island and from there, depending on your preference. Check Directions.

How to get around the island?

There’s a wide range of public and private transportation options. Check overall info here, bus info here and Directions

Do I need a Visa/Passport to go to the Azores?

Azores is part of Portugal and, therefore, member of the EEA and also Schengen Treaty. If you’re flying from a country-member, you don’t need a Visa. If not, and depending on where you’re coming from, you might need a special Visa or just your Passport. Check here for full official information on countries of origin that require a Visa.

Which type of power socket is commonly used?

Type C, E or F, 230 V standard voltage and 50 Hz standard frequency.

How is the weather?

Mainly summery during the convention’s dates. Sometimes an amazing beach day in the morning and by 6pm we are in orange alert with possible 100Km/h winds, waves up to 10m and heavy rain coming with a hurricane or a tropical storm. True story, so be prepared.

Who is responsible for the organization?

Cultural Association of Circus Arts of the Azores – 9’Circos, an Azorean non-profit NGO.

What is the site’s layout?

Please refer to Convention.

Will there be Wi-Fi?

Yes, but only in and around the Convention’s main site.

Can I arrive early?

Sure! You’ll be welcome on the campsite from 26th of July, 2 days before.

Can I leave later?

Sure! You’re able to camp until 7th of August, 2 days after.

Can I sell my stuff on the Convention?

Sure! Send us an email via admin@ejc2018.org. Any type of commercial activity is forbidden on and around the Convention without proper permission from the organization and may result in fine under appropriate law.

How can I buy tickets?

Online ticket sales already ended but you can still buy your ticket on-site!

How can I pay my ticket?

At the moment, we only accept money.

What payment methods are accepted during the Convention?

Cash only. For safety and commodity purposes, at registration desk you should exchange cash for tokens that are the Convention’s coin, valid for all the days and all the services on site.

What is the Full-Ticket valid for?

Full-ticket is valid for the entire Convention’s sites, shows (including Gala Show) and camping, if required.

What is Daily-Ticket valid for?

Daily-tickets have a 24h maximum validity up to the opening hours of the info-point on the next day and are valid to everything except camping or Gala Show.

Can I ask for a refund?

There won’t be any returns or refunds. As an alternative, you can transfer your ticket to someone else.

How can I transfer my ticket to another person?

You can directly send your ticket and proof of payment to the person you want to give it to and inform us via registration@ejc2018.org. Be aware only one entrance per ticket is allowed.

Do I need the physical ticket?

After registration process, in theory, no. Despite of that we advise you to keep it until the end of the Convention in the event it’s needed for safety or other purposes.

Will there be bracelets?

There will bracelets but – contact jugglers alert! – you can also place them on your ankle, choice made on site, upon registration. Remember: regardless of it’s place, once removed and/or damaged, it is considered invalid.

Will there be camping on site?

Yes, camping is across the street from the Convention.

Do I need to make a reservation?

No. The camping area will have enough space to fit all participants’ tents/caravans. In the unlikely event that the space isn’t enough, we have an alternative camping area just across the street.

Can I rent a tent?

YES! Click here to find out more info and submit your rental request.

Will camping be caravan-friendly or have a families-only area?

The comfort of all the jugglers is important for us: wether they are 24/7 party animals raving in a caravan or a 5 people peaceful family in a tent. Therefore, the camping site will be caravan and camper-van friendly and have a families-only area.

Will wild fires be allowed on camping?

For safety reasons, no.

Will there be bathrooms on camping?

Yes, 15 for men and 15 for woman. Disability bathrooms are in the main gym

Will there be showers on the campsite?

Yes, 24 hot and 30 cold water showers!

Will there be shadow on camping?

Sorry, but no.

Will there be any alternative sleeping areas or can I sleep in the Gym?

No and… Of course not. For other accommodation options, check Accommodation FAQ.

Will there be food on site?

Yes, several food stands will be available within the Convention, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Will there be a cooking area?

Yes. Equipped for you to show fellow jugglers your Masterchef qualities.

Where can I shop for food and/or other supplies?

Check Surroundings: you’ll find the closest mini-market, supermarket, bakery and more.

Will there be parking on site?

Yes, although with limited availability.

Are there any accommodation alternatives?

Sure! Check here for nearby accommodations, here for others across the whole island and Directions tab for further location info.

Is there any transport close to the convention?

Check overall info here and bus info here. The closest bus stop is Quinta de Santana, within the route operated by Caetano Raposo e Pereiras company. Check Directions for more info.

How do I apply for volunteering?

You can send your application directly to volunteers@ejc2018.org with one of the following subjects: Areas assistance, Assemble/Disassemble & Stage, Cleaning, Kitchen, All/Any.

How does volunteering work?

Organized by a non-profit NGO, everyone’s contribute is required so volunteers also have to pay full-ticket price. Full-time volunteers work up to 8h/day before/after the Convention and up to 4h/day during the event. They have access to organization’s areas, all-inclusive meals and airport-EJC and back transfer. Temporary/Occasional volunteering is possible, with other conditions: contacts us through volunteers@ejc2018.org

How do I apply for gala shows?

We’re currently not accepting any more gala applications.

Are there any special performances?

Yes. We’re planning on offering locals 1 free daily show in pre-selected districts known for high rates of social exclusion and/or troubled youth. If you want to be a part of this state it in your gala or any other application for performers@ejc2018.org.

Will there be image recording during the convention?

Photography, filming and/or similar will take place during the entire convention for promotional purposes. By buying a ticket and entering the convention, you’re giving content for the use and treatment of those images by the organization.

Is there a minimum attendance age?

As an artistic show, the Convention is regulated under Portuguese Law 23/2014 and added Rectification Statement 26/2014. According to that, access is limited to +3yo.

Are minors allowed?

According to Portuguese Law 23/2014 and added Rectification Statement 23/2014, all individuals under 18 must posess proper parental consent authorizing their participation at EJC 2018, with or without assigned supersiving adult.  All individuals under 16 must be, at all times, supervised and accompanied by an on site adult.
For both situations, you can download the form here. Fill it properly and send it with all other needed documents to info@ejc2018.org with ticket reference.

Are animals allowed?

No pets are allowed at the convention or camping sites being the only exception, under Portuguese Law number 74/2007 for certified guide dogs. Or if you manage to bring a manatee. It’s also fine. Manatees are super cool.

Is wild camping legal?

According to Portuguese Law number 310/2002, updated by Law 105/2015, camping outside camping parks is strictly forbidden and punishable by minimum fine of 150euros. Despite that, you can request a temporary camping license at the City Hall of the area you want to camp and subject to approval. Contact us at info@ejc2018.org if you plan on getting such a license.

Is smoking indoors legal?

Under Portuguese Law 109/2015 updating Law 37/2007, smoking in public or private closed spaces is not allowed and punishable by a fine up to 750euros.

Is drug consumption legal?

Portugal has a world-leading decriminalization policy regarding cannabis and similar soft drugs for recreational use with high success rates fighting heavy consumption that’s already used as example by many countries around the world. That doesn’t mean it’s legal. Portuguese Law 114/2011, completed by Law 7/2017, defines that being caught smoking in public implies a process opening a mandatory presentation before an addiction dissuasion commission and, depending on the amount you’re carrying, heavy fines or even imprisionment.

Are there any alcohol age restrictions?

Alcohol purchase and/or consumption is illegal under 18 years old.

Are there any tobacco age restrictions?

Tobacco purchase and/or consumption is illegal under 18 years old.

Are participants covered by insurance?

EJC 2018’s Site has civil liability insurance; organization won’t be held responsible for incidents not fitting within that category being that responsibility upon each and every participant.

Are material goods covered by insurance?

No. We advise you to keep all your valuable goods with you at all times as the organization is not liable for any theft or material damage.

Is car park covered by insurance?

No. All car owners are fully responsible for their vehicles and EJC’s organization is not liable for any damage or theft they might suffer.

Is there any behavioral code of conduct?

Of course not! But that doesn’t make it ok to urinate in public, putting you or others in imminent danger on purpose and/or, overall, disrespecting security and/or organization’s directions. You’ll be expelled from the Convention and, depending, not allowed back in, with no entitlement to refund.

Contact us 

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